Plans for every stage of your business.
Because customer happiness pays for itself.


2 agents | 10 GB
Send up-to 3k emails
14-day free trial included Choose this plan


4 agents | 30 GB
Send up-to 15k emails
14-day free trial included Choose this plan


10 agents | 100 GB
Send up-to 50k emails
14-day free trial included Choose this plan
How is storage calculated?
All files you upload for your knowledge base, like images and videos. Additionally, all email attachments contribute to your storage space usage.

Everything in one place, instead of all over the place

Every plan allows access to all of the following features.

Team inbox

Collaborate in a shared inbox accessible to all your teams. No more emails or tickets are falling into the cracks.

Knowledge base

Build a knowledge base to help your customers succeed. Ensure they can find answers to their questions when your team is offline.

Automation next 🚀

Send messages to customers based on events or behaviors. Create sequences that keep your users engaged.

Live Chat soon

Talk to your visitors and customers in real-time to help with any questions or engage them in a conversation to gain insights.

Announcements soon

Seamlessly show beautiful notifications in your applications based on behavior and predefined triggers.

Roadmap soon

Publish your roadmap and collect feature requests from customers. Automatically inform them once you shipped what they want.

Absolutely! There is a 14-day trial on every plan, which means you get 336 hours for free and whithout any limits. You will be required to enter you credit card details upfront, because we're trying to keep bad actors off the platform. Needless to say you can cancel at any time during your trial period without giving any reasons and will never be charged a cent.

Absolutely not! All payment processing is handled via Paddle and no billing details ever even touch our servers. There is no way for us to ever retrieve your payment details. Paddle provides us with links to your latest invoices and subscription settings and that is all we can ever access.

You can cancel your account at any time. Cancelling is as easy as loggin in to your account and hitting the red cancel button in your account settings. You will be refunded the full amount owed at this point and your account will immediately be deactiveted – Which means you will no longer be able to actively use it until you reactivate it or decide to delete it.