Small team, big impact

Helping companies increase employees/customers happiness.

The Idea

There's a lot of similarity between new employees' onboarding process and customers using your product or service for the first time. Being stuck when accomplishing your tasks isn't a great first experience. Parle tries to help employees and customers unblock themselves and generally be the source of truth for your company's knowledge.

The Why

Organizing, maintaining, and making the knowledge your company accumulates available to employees and customers is challenging. More often than not, the information is scattered across many software and databases. Sometimes, only a few people have the answers to some questions.

That's where a chatbot trained on your company knowledge can be valuable as it responds to employees and customers 24/7 and always remembers everything.

The "Team"

Dominic St-Pierre
Dominic Engineering & marketing

I'm a seasoned SaaS builder determined to help companies deploy better knowledge across their employees and customers.

Caroline Mayrand
Caroline Marketing & customer success

Description not available yet.

The Timeline

Parle is still in early access mode. The plan is to slowly onboard companies and gather feedback to polish the product before the public release.

I'm sharing the journey on a podcast and Twitter. Check it out.