An all-in-one customer communication platform at a reasonable price tag

We're Parle (parler in French means "to speak").

We're building a communication platform that is simpler than Intercom or Drift.

From live chat to behavior-based campaigns, knowledge base, and tickets, Parle covers all your customer messaging needs.

Have your entire customer success and support teams on the same platform sharing the same customer data.

Our first feature, live chat, enables you to talk with your visitors and custoemrs. Next up is behavior-based campaign messages, scheduled to launch fall 2021.

Leave your email to participate in the private beta and stay in the loop about the product.

One simple price, everything included

Be an early adopter and secure a 50% lifetime discount on your subscription.

Pay per user

No matter if you have a ten users team or it's just you, you're getting the same core features and price increases with your team.

What's included

  • Live chat with visitors and customers

  • [soon] Behavior-based messaging campaigns

  • [later] Shared inbox and tickets

  • [later] Knowledge base

Includes 2,500 customers per user

$19 /user/month

Get it at $9.0/user/month until we launch


If you have any questions, use our chat widget in the bottom right. If we're online, it will be a pleasure to answer any questions you have.

If we're offline, we'll get back to you asap. We're in the Toronto/New York eastern time zone.

When will the behavior-based campaign module be ready?
We're actively working on it. We currently have the end of Q2 2021 as the target. However, It's not a firm release date.
What if we have one million customers? Can we still pay $19/user?
To work around this scenario, we have set a generous number of 2,500 customers limit per user. Meaning that if you have two users, you'd be limited to approximately 5,000 customers.
This is not a hard limit, just a theoretical one, and if you have one million customers, please call us, and we'll see what's best for your company.
Do you have servers in the EU for data storage?
Not yet, but as soon as we've enough European customers requesting dedicated EU servers, we will be deploying our platform on there. Let us know if that's an essential factor for your company.
We're using Intercom, Drift, X. Can we import our data?
Absolutely, it's not automated yet in the web application, but we'd be more than happy to help you move to Parle as quickly as possible.
What's your current phase exactly? Is it launched yet?
Not completely. We have got the live chat component working correctly and ready to start serving customers. We're still manually and slowly letting companies get started with the platform. We'll launch what we call the v1 once we have the behavior-based messaging campaign module ready.

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