The all-in-one customer communication toolkit for SaaS businesses.

Parle combines the most impactful communication tools to help your customer success, and support teams delight your customers at every stage of their journey.

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Sales, marketing and support, all connected on one platform.

Capture and convert

Use our widget to capture leads and live chat to acquire new customers.

Onboard and engage

Segment your users and send the perfect message at the right time.

Support and retain

Show customers that you care and help them succeed faster at any stage.


Team inbox

Collaborate in a shared inbox accessible to all your teams. No more emails or tickets are falling into the cracks.

Knowledge base

Build a knowledge base to help your customers succeed. Ensure they can find answers to their questions when your team is offline.

Automation next 🚀

Send messages to customers based on events or behaviors. Create sequences that keep your users engaged.

Live Chat soon

Talk to your visitors and customers in real-time to help with any questions or engage them in a conversation to gain insights.

Announcements soon

Seamlessly show beautiful notifications in your applications based on behavior and predefined triggers.

Roadmap soon

Publish your roadmap and collect feature requests from customers. Automatically inform them once you shipped what they want.

Help your customers succeed and turn them into true fans.

There is no business without customers. We're here to help you turn visitors into customers, and enable you to help them along their way and keep them engaged through smart communications and automation.

Attract, support, and engage your customers at every step of their journey

Create powerful automations

Engage returning visitors and app users with on-page notifications and personal messages automatically. They are either based on their previous actions and sessions or directly triggered by actions unique to your product.

Centralized data

Access everything you know about a customer whenever your teams interact with them. Via the shared team inbox, live chat, and campaign/sequence creator.

Stay connected, always

Help your customers succeed, even if you're a small team. The knowledge base, chat, and automated announcements allow you to proactively support your customers and help them out, even if you're not around.

Save time and money while also em­powering your customers

Using multiple tools

  • Customer data and automated interactions are spread across multiple tools glued together
  • All the different tools cost a monthly subscription fee
  • More code needs to be written for integrations that are not essential to your product
  • Trying out and setting up different products adds up to multiple hours.

Using Parle

  • All customer data in one place and shared between all modules and automations
  • Single monthly payment that aligns with your growing userbase
  • Most modules are low-code or even no-code and easy to configure
  • Save yourself and your team time using a single, familiar interface that combines all modules

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